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RadTech 2014 News

Technology Awards for Innovation: Fungi, Heart Patches, Cell Phone Displays, Carbon Steel, and a Geriatric ER
Users from Packaging to Metal to Plastics to Additive to Medical & Beyond To Speak at RadTech 2014, including:
  • Nestle, Printing and Packaging
  • Conforming Matrix and Helios at our new UV+PVD Session: Chrome Alternative for Home, Cosmetic and Auto Applications
  • Harvard University Medical, Emerging Technology Award for their UV cure heart adhesive. (Please join us to honor our customers at the event awards dinner, all winners will be announced shortly)
  • JMC Steel Group, Pipe+Tube
  • The Boeing Company, High Performance Coatings
  • Motorola and American Trim, Plastics Decorating
  • BJS Group AB and American Trim, UV LED: The Global Roundtable
  • Stratasys, Design Enabled by UV+EB
  • Made Boards, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
  • Guardian, Advanced Materials
  • Corning Inc., Equipment
  • Idex and IPRS, Customer Perspectives: UV High Performance Coatings
  • Carestream, New Product Debut
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